A poem by Josh Levario

if seeing is believing, I have gone blind.


I love you jesus christ

I want to be brainwashed tonight.

put me in the pews with the sinners,

let us lead our own inquisition.


I’ll start with our father,

the man who has never married and holds the bread.

too many times I have confessed.

say a hail mary

he croones.

I say it and he sits there, silent.


I wish he would confess to me.

I wish the wine they served

sent me to heaven,

the bread should be a tab

of something wavy.



I love you jesus christ

I keep finding new ways to disappoint you.

I’ve gotten older

it’s harder for me to kneel down.

my fingers shake when I dip them in oil.

the cross I make cannot be carried.


I look to you for relief,

to take this burden off my shoulders,

but on every wall you lay nailed,



I want a god who is content remaining


unwavering, and real.


I love you

I love you jesus christ

                                                         but what

are you waiting for?


About The Poet:

Josh Levario is an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at San Antonio studying English and film. He is also the Senior Copy Editor at the independent student newspaper The Paisano. He has upcoming publications in the American Journal of Poetry and Royal Rose Magazine.fullsizeoutput_104.jpeg

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