Issue #2

Introducing… Our Editors!

Introducing… Our Contributors!

Letter From The Editor


Burn by Amber Aspinall

Stadium Of Old Rage Rizzalyn Bernarte

Emily by Christine Brooks

When my gynecologist tells me I may be infertile by Alexandra Corinth

When You Tell Me to Smile by Jennifer Criss

Apophenia by Wanda Deglane

Movement by Carla Ferreira

Layers by Kristin Lafollette

2 poems by Will Long

The Gift by Robert Okaji

War Paint by Paige Poe

I Ate This by Chi Sherman

footsteps, the sound of leaves cracking by Frankie Spring

5 micropoems by Jackie Weisenfelder

Dimmed Self-Subtleties Are My Gateway To Self-Acceptance by Madeleine Corley


Creative Non-Fiction

DIARY ENTRY: HEAVEN by Constance Bougie

Braless by Jase Brown

Going Up by Erin Davenport

The Beginning by Ellen Maloney

I’ll Take the One in Black by Sam Rose


The Citrus Thief by Steve Carr

Blackberry Picking by Leah Francis

The Long Walk Home by Jenny Darmody


Fabrice Poussin


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Mason Pippenger


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