Issue #4 Contributors


Carey Cecelia Shook works in digital marketing by day and is a writer & mental health advocate always. Her passion is raising awareness of mental health through publishing, which she pursues by editing at semicolon literary journal. She has a BFA in creative writing & a publishing certificate from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Her nonfiction can be found in Capulet Mag and X-R-A-Y—”Cycle” is her first published poem. She believes in happy endings and being kind to everyone. She loves all dogs ever, iced vanilla coffee with almond milk, words of affirmation, and sushi. You can find Carey on twitter @careyshook.

carey cecelia shook.JPG

Lisa Lerma Weber lives in San Diego, California with her husband and son. Her work has appeared in Crepe & Penn, Headline Poetry, Tiny Essays, Nightingale & Sparrow, Mojave Heart Review, and others. You can follow her on Twitter @LisaLermaWeber

Lisa L Weber photo (1).jpg

Adi McNally, originally from Santa Cruz, California, is currently attending Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. There, he will soon get his bachelor’s degree with a major in English writing with too many minors to list in a short bio. Their poetry has been published in “Script” and “The Fruit Tree” and is also available on Instagram @peas.and.poetry


Bina Ruchi Perino is a University of North Texas post-baccalaureate student, seeking a Bachelor of Arts in English, Creative Writing. Her work can be found in GASHER Journal, Sink Hollow, and more. Her flash fiction is forthcoming in Euphony Journal.

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Taylor is a creative writing major from Maine. She love snakes, tea, and rain.


Salam Wosu, a poet and aspiring novelist, is a Chemical Engineer from Nigeria. His works interrogate grief, depression, love, antichauvinism and sexuality. He was shortlisted for the Korean Nigerian Poetry Fiesta  award 2017 & 2019. His works are on or forthcoming in Glass Poetry Press, Kissing Dynamite, Dream Noir, PIN, RIC journal and Mounting the Moon (anthology of queer Nigerian poems). He is @salam_wosu on all platforms.

IMG_20190920_152027 (1).jpg

Marzia D’Amico is an academic and poet writing and performing in Italian,
English, and Britalian. Her prose, poetry, and cultural contributions featured on radio, on paper, and online. She collaboratively runs a monthly newsletter on transnational feminisms (Ghinea). She is a queer antifascist grrrl born in Rome, living in Oxford, and settled on the Internet as @atamarzia.

foto marrr.jpg

Clarissa is an aspiring poet, writer, and storyteller from the midwest United States. She has been writing all her life, penning her first poem at age four, but only really become serious about it during college. She loves all genres of writing, but poetry has always felt like coming home. Her work has been featured in The North Branch literary journal.



Leslie Lindsay is a mother, wife, and writer living in Chicagoland. Leslie is the award-winning author of Speaking of Apraxia (Woodbine House, 2012). Leslie‘s work has been published in Pithead Chapel, Common Ground Review, Cleaver Magazine (craft and CNF), The Awakenings Review, The Nervous Breakdown, the Ruminate blog, Manifest-StationThe Mighty, and the International Bipolar FoundationLeslie has been awarded as one of the top 1% reviewers on GoodReads and recognized by Jane Friedman as one of the most influential book reviewers. Since 2013, Leslie has interviewed over 700 bestselling and debut authors on her author interview series ( She is at work on a memoir. Leslie is a former child/adolescent psychiatric R.N. at the Mayo Clinic.

Born and raised in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, Arian Farhat is a first-generation American with parents hailing from Afghanistan. She has attended the Great Books Summer Program at Amherst College and Oxford University where she has studied and fangirled over literature alongside public intellectuals and fellow bookworms. She wishes to pursue biology and creative writing after high school. Arian has been published in The Brown Orient and Nightingale & Sparrow. 

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Iona Murphy (She/ Her) is an Mst(res) student at The University of St Andrews, trying to navigate her way through her early twenties in her own messy way. She is a feminist, bisexual, mental health advocate, and is forever reading Sylvia Plath. You can keep up with her on Twitter @write_with_iona and Instagram @ionasmurfy

Screenshot 2019-09-25 21.14.55.png

Ariane Ryan is a 21 year old from Brisbane, Australia, who is currently studying a Masters in Writing, Editing and Publishing. She is passionate about all things books and publishing, and writes a mix of YA speculative fiction and creative non-fiction.



Ms Cheryl Diane Parkinson is an author and educator of 14 years, teaching English Literature and Language, GCSE and A Level at an all boys catholic school in London. Her publishing history includes articles for The National Union of Teacher’s newsletter, The Voice Online as well as online magazines. Currently she is in the final year of a PhD in Creative Writing at Birmingham University, part of the Russell Group.


Operations Manager by day and daydreamer by nature, Tom Gumbert co-authored the anthology, “Nine Lives.” He is a 2019 nominee for Best of the Net, and the winner of The Sunlight Press 2017 Spring fiction contest. Tom is honored and humbled to have previous work published in a host of fine publications, including Anti-Heroin Chic, Mystery Tribune, Dodging the Rain, Porridge Magazine and Riggwelter Press. When not reading or staring at the Ohio River, Tom works on his writing. Twitter @TomGumbert

Tom Gumbert B&W.jpg

Michael Bettendorf earned an English degree from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 2012. His work has recently appeared in The Weird ReaderThe Mark Literary Review, and Culture Cult Magazine. He is a Language Arts mentor for the Lincoln Public School district and consumes books, comics, and podcasts. He’s busy juggling a couple of novels and an audiodrama he swears he’ll record someday. He lives in Lincoln with his wife, where he tries to convince the world that Nebraska is too strange to be a flyover state.


Dan A. Cardoza’s work has most recently been featured in Brave Voices, Cleaver, Coffin Bell/2019 Anthology, Dime Show Review, Entropy, Gravel, New Flash Fiction Review, Poached Hare, Spelk, and Vamp Cat.

Dan A. Cardoza..jpg

Jason Jawando writes prose and drama. He has had stories published in several magazines, including ProleBandit Fiction and Under the Radar. He has an MA in Creative Writing from the Open University and lives in the UK.20190515_135350.jpg


Kaylene Jackmore is a senior film student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. While she is primarily focused on filmmaking, she loves telling stories through fictional writing and physical images, including photography and painting with watercolors. Her work typically strays away from reality to a more magical, colorful world. Her doodles and photography can be found on Instagram @doodlingandetc.

Kaylene Jackmore

Lisa Schantl is a graduate student of American literature at the University of Graz. She works as publishing assistant at Leykam Buchverlag and is the founder and editor-in-chief at Tint Journal. Motivated by her interest in international relations, she holds the position of vice-president at the Initiative Group Alpbach Graz. Her journalistic work has appeared in Music-NewsPARADOX and The Montclarion, and her creative work in The Normal Review, PubLab and Frankfurter Bibliothek.

Lisa Schantl_(c)_UniGraz Kanizaj .jpg

Allie is an American college drop out trying to put a stinking reality through an aesthetic lense. Focusing mainly on portraits and surrealism, Allie aims for a universal human desire, to communicate the crazy in your head in way other people can understand, but with, like, Really bright colors. Allie also animates on her off time, favoring 2d animation, with passions for practical effects and sfx makeup as well.

image1 (2).jpeg

Hannah Nathanson is a 20 year old artist based in New York State, where she studies creative writing at Binghamton University and explores the parks in her hometown of Buffalo. For more information visit or check her out on Instagram at @h.annahrose.


Sha’Ron Robertson is a 20 year old emerging artist from Chicago,Illinois. She creates beautiful realistic portraits and character sketches.

Thirty five year old Adwaita is from India. She studied English Literature and Film Direction. 27 STITCHES and SONGS OF SANITY are her poem books (publisher: Writers Workshop India). COLOURS OF SHADOW is her novella and collected short stories (publisher: LiFi Publications). Her debut feature – KARON KOLKATA EBONG ONYO GOLPO (‘CAUSE CALCUTTA AND OTHER STORIES) – a Bengali anthology film – is ready for release. She is currently writing epic SFF in hope of world peace, and making affirmative art for mental health awareness.


Courtney Gunter is a 27 year old photographer based out of the Topeka, KS area.


Mikayla Myers graduated from Susquehanna University with three majors in English Literature, Creative Writing, and Publishing & Editing. She is beginning a career as a Special Education English Teacher. In her spare time, Mikayla writes novel-length fiction and hopes to self-publish her debut novel in 2020.



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