Submissions for issue #6 are open until January 1st

Submission Guidelines:

Brave Voices Magazine believes in celebrating diversity. Any work that is deemed racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, or full of hate by our readers / editors will not be considered.

Thank you for considering Brave Voices Magazine as a new home for your work!

Brave Voices Magazine is a literary and art magazine dedicated to sharing the human experience. Each artist can have 3 pieces published. We accept simultaneous submissions and do not currently have a submission fee.


Feel free to submit up to 5 poems.


Feel free to submit up to 3 short/flash essays or 1 long-form essay.


Feel free to send up to 5 flash pieces (1,000 words or less) or 2 short stories (less than 10 pages preferably).


Paintings. Drawings. Photographs. Words paired with videos. Original music. Show us what you’ve got!

In addition to your creative work, we would like to see a cover letter, with a brief statement about you and why you’re interested in having your work published in Brave Voices Magazine.

To submit, email us at Include Issue #6 and the genre you’re submitting in the subject line. Please submit your work as either an attached Word document or PDF.